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Embedded World 2017

Wednesday 15 March 2017

EW: Mouser signs Renesas for Synergy
Selling the supplier’s Synergy software, development kits and microcontrollers for IoT, industrial, and RTOS-based applications.

EW: Lynx Software demonstrates secure hypervisor on ARM multicore
LynxSecure Separation Kernel hypervisor running on a multicore Cortex-A53 on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC.

EW: Dev kits tackle IoT diversity
Development kits for IoT node designs seem to be everywhere at Embedded World 2017.

EW: Green Hills shows latest C compliers
Support for the C++11 language, updated functional safety certification and NEON autovectorisation.

EW: Video Interview – Vector Software on VectorCAST/Probe
Talking about VectorCAST/Probe and how it provides a simple way to dynamically instrument an application with blocks of code.

EW: Video Interview – Analog Devices on TSN and real-time comms
Talking about how different traffic classes can reliably and robustly share a single wire.

EW: Video Interview – Rohde & Schwarz on innovation for entry-level T&M instruments
Talking about Rohde & Schwarz introducing three new entry-level test and measurement products.

EW: Video Interview – Lattice Semiconductor on Smart Connectivity advances
Talking about the use of ECP5, CrossLink, MachXO3, iCE40 UltraPlus, HDMI ASSPs and SiBEAM Snap technology.

Tuesday 14 March 2017

EW: ADI aims to slash power consumption of IoT sensors
Designed for IoT sensor nodes, the power savings come from a “sensorstrobe” technique which allows it to remain in a low power state while data collection is taking place.

EW: Rohde & Schwarz has affordable 10-bit precision scope
The benefit of the 10-bit ADC front end is that it provides 1024 vertical positions, which allow for more precise measurements.

EW: Microchip 8bit MCUs get up to 128kbyte flash
Microchip’s PIC18F ‘K42’ microcontrollers are available with up to 128kbyte (from 16kbyte) of flash memory in packages from 28-48 pins.

EW: IAR extends C support for ARM development
IAR Systems updates its ARM development tools to provide support for the C11 and C++14 language standards.

EW: Future brings Tianma NLT displays to Europe
This will allow Future Embedded Solutions to offer a range of displays in sizes ranging from 1-inch to 20-inch, with resolution up to Full HD.

EW: Lapis targets rapid data logging with ARM chip
The ML630Q464/466 MCUs integrate functions required for data logging such as USB, clock generation, RC oscillation type AD converter, data display, and PDF file generation on a single chip.

EW: Nordic adds Tread SDK for Bluetooth chip
nRF52840 has 256kbyte RAM and 1Mbyte flash and can run both Thread and Bluetooth low energy protocol stacks from the same chip.

EW: LDRA and Green Hills show safety-critical tools
The software tools will provide static code analysis including safety features as defined in MISRA, CERT, and CWE. There is also dynamic coverage analysis and unit/integration testing.

EW: Avnet Silica provides Transport Layer Security through UbiquiOS
Trusted Objects provides microcontroller-based authentication embedded in IoT devices, which secures the machine-to-machine interface.

Socionext uses Imagination core in latest graphics chip
The SC1810 has a quad-core processor and is capable of handling six channels of Full HD video inputs, and three channels of Full HD display outputs.

Pre show

Embedded World: Intel targets makers with Farnell tinyTILE
Farnell element14 works with Intel to create a wearable and IoT design board based on Intel’s Curie module, the tinyTILE, measuring 35mm x 26mm.

EW: Imagination brings ThreadX RTOS to I6400 processor
Imagination Technologies announces expanded support of Express Logic’s industrial grade ThreadX RTOS (real time operating system) for its CPUs based on the multi-threaded MIPS I-class I6400 processor core.

EW: IoT gets real, says ARM directorBee Hayes-Thakore
One in five companies has begun rolling out IoT services and products, and half of those surveyed say IoT will be an important part of their business strategy.

EW: Microchip adds more flash to tinyAVRs
Three new tinyAVR microcontrollers with more on-chip memory featuring Microchip’s Core Independent Peripherals, which run independently of the core processor.

EW: Arduino shield gives sensor node data protection
REN0674 Flow_MeterTo provide hardware with authentication and to secure small data transactions between the device and the cloud Maxim Integrated has developed an embedded security reference design.

EW: Water flow measurement kit runs for 35 years
Renesas introduces a rotational flow demonstration kit for its RL78/I1D microcontroller that is designed to detect and measure the flow of water or gas in metering applications.

EW: Weightless-P network hardware launches at Embedded World
ubiik Weightless Ignition PackUbiik is launching the Weightless Ignition Pack, which includes the hardware required to deploy, demonstrate, evaluate and develop Weightless-P IoT networks.



Previous Embedded World 2016

Thursday 25 February 2016

EW: Raspberry Pi IoT starter kit embraces EnOcean and IBM
Farnell_IoT_Platform_Entrepreneur_Edition 150Farnell element14 has launched two IoT starter kits featuring energy harvesting wireless sensors from EnOcean, one of them including the Raspberry Pi micro-computer board.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

EW: ARM launches tiny, power-sipping, A32
Occupies less than 0.25 mm2 of silicon area when made on a 28nm process and consumes under 4mW of total power at 100 MHz.

EW: Fujitsu 4Mbit FRAM reaches 54Mbyte/s operation
Called, MB85RQ4ML, with its four bi-directional I/O pins operating at 108MHz it can reach a data transfer rate of 54Mbyte/s.

Tuesday 23 February 2016

EW: NXP claims smallest network processor ever
NXP Qoriq LS1012A x 150Aimed at portable wireless storage, in IoT applications, it is based around ARM’s 64bit Cortex-A53 into a 9.6×9.6mm package.

EW: Antenova reveals antenna for super-fast data transfer between phones
Antenova reveals an antenna for TransferJet, and is demonstrating it at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

EW: Choosing the best embedded platform for your journey
TransferJet-eval-boardDevelopers are now offered platforms, but the selection process still involves matching both your hardware and software requirements

EW: Platform approach to test
Test and development systems are following the trend for platforms with traditional benchtop instruments being replaced by PC-based test systems with modular instruments sitting on a high speed bus such as PXI, LXI or even Ethernet.

Pre show

EW: Renesas ramps design house support for ARM IoT platform
keysight x 150Renesas Electronics says Europe-wide network of independent design houses (IDHs) is in place to support its Synergy ARM processor-based IoT development platform.

EW: Microchip moves PIC development to the cloud
Microchip puts its MPLAB Xpress integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud.

EW: Raspberry Pi has a rival in Germany which goes on sale in April
The first 1,000 BeagleCore modules (BCM1) and 500 BeagleCore starter-kits (BCS1) will be available from April through distributor Conrad Electronic.

Meet Electronics Weekly at Embedded World 2016
You will be more than welcome to say hello at the Electronics Weekly stand. You’ll find us in hall 4A, stand 463.

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