The firm said this was the first view of LynxSecure on an ARM processor.

Robert Day, vice president of marketing at Lynx, writes:

“ARM designers are now able to run safety critical environments alongside a general purpose OS like Linux  or LynxOS RTOS on the same Xilinx processor without compromising safety, security or real-time performance.”

Xilinx Zynq CGApplications are likely to include automotive systems based on environments such as AUTOSAR RTA-BSW from ETAS and avionics designs using LynxOS-178 RTOS from Lynx.

“Designers can match the security of air-gap hardware partitioning without incurring the cost, power and size overhead of separate hardware,” said Day.

The LynxSecure port to the UltraScale+ MPSoC supports modular software architectures and tight integration with FPGAs for hosting a combination of micro services (bare-metal), trusted functions, and open source projects on a single SoC.

This demonstrates heterogeneous computing on a single processor using LynxSecure bare-metal apps or hardware through Xilinx FPGA fabric.

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